Party Venue vs Your Home

With Iyooh Parties you can choose a venue of your choice, we can also help you with venuew ideas from our partners list of venues.

So let’s start with where you want the party to take place. You need to choose whether you want to host the party at home or at a party venue. Many people prefer to run the party at their home but are not aware of the world that awaits them outside their door. If you decide to go for a party venue remember the kind of venue you choose will impact on your event. Firstly, consider what the weather may do and choose between an indoor party venue and an outdoor party venue, or one that provides both options. 

Do you want a venue with a playground with jungle gyms, bike track and sandpit. How important is shade for the guests and possibly a gazebo? You need to consider the ratio of adults to children and how important it is for them to have access to each other and then examine the layout of each party venue you are considering with this in mind. 

Capture Party Memories

Kids parties are all about having fun and creating memories so don’t forget to either ask someone to document the day or hire a party photographer for the party. The photographers you will get from Iyooh offer a range of services including creating photo albums, slide shows or a movie of the event for you 

Whatever you are looking for, you will find it here, whether it's a kids party venue, party planner, a caterer, photographer, entertainer or companies that rent equipment for parties and events jumping castle etc.